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Ann McCluskey

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Ann McCluskey

Corporate Soul Consulting

 “I have extensive experience of supporting leaders and their teams through significant change within financial services, retail, leisure, and the communications sectors and the NHS. A coach and mentor for over 20 years, I have helped leaders to navigate complexity and competing demands by empowering them to move beyond one-track thinking to shift their perspective.


Typically, my clients are caught up in anxiety and stress owing to the ‘busyness’ of their lives; this impacts their health, and relationships both at work and in their personal lives. By sharing with them the power of our thinking and how easy it is for us to become derailed by our thoughts, this understanding enables clients to re-focus, develop greater clarity, and restore their wellbeing.

I work independently and as an Associate with Corporate Soul Consulting, as a ‘Bridging Minds Consultant’ and a ‘Transcending Stress Practitioner’. With my support, individuals, teams, and organisations reconnect with their potential, take inspired action, and create great places to work in which people thrive.

I work face to face or through social media platforms.

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