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Bev Hepting

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Bev Hepting

Discover your Voice

I’m a public speaking trainer and Master Practitioner. Why is that relevant you ask..? Because it means I’m qualified to help you overcome your public speaking fear forever and help you become a better speaker.

Public Speaking is not just about standing in front of a crowd of people, it covers everything you do in your business.  In today's world, Verbal Marketing is a must.   If you want to deliver

  • Webinars
  • Video
  • Podcast
  • Presentations
  • Coaching Calls
  • Interviews

Then you need to become a better speaker and learn how to use your voice to attract more clients.

When you work with me, you’ll receive my comprehensive training programme to help you say goodbye to public speaking anxiety. Drawing on my extensive experience, I will teach you the proven techniques to build your confidence and deliver the best presentations you possibly can.

Public Speaking Trainer - Why work with me? 

As a public speaking trainer, I’ve helped hundreds of people with the same fears and anxieties as you. Many moons ago, I began my journey at a top Theatre Academy, training to be an actress. Since then, I’ve become highly qualified, I’ve spoken at small events and global conferences, I’ve been involved in TV and Radio, and I’ve coached countless students just like you.

My Qualifications

  • Diploma Theatre and Voice
  • Degree in Media Production
  • Level 7 in Leadership
  • NLP Master Practitioner

 I work with business women across a range of industries, and my 6 step system has transformed their lives. Ultimately, my public speaking training has improved their public speaking skills and allowed them to let go of their public speaking fear. And here’s how my method can help you…

The 6 Step System

  • Clarity – Learn how to pinpoint your message and present with clarity
  • Formula – Learn the best way to structure your presentation or speech
  • Mindset – Learn how to control your state of mind before you go on to speak. Changing your negative thoughts into positive ones
  • Engagement – Learn how to work with the audience to make the experience interactive
  • Communication – Learn how to use your voice to influence and enthuse
  • Confidence – Finally, bring everything together to become a confident public speaker

My 6 step approach works, and it’s delivered results for every student I teach. So let me help you. Come talk to me, and let’s make a start on helping you become that confident speaker you’ve always wanted to be.