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Sakhmet Campbell


Sakhmet Campbell

I am a Trainer in the Art of Wholistic Healing. I am a Spiritual Guide. I am a Nutritionist who focuses on health and wellbeing. My purpose is to teach you  how to find yourself and once you have done so under my guidance/tutelage,  you will be trained in the art of Being yourself no matter where you find yourself mental, emotionally and physically.  

How do I/we arrive at Being who you are physically, emotionally and mentally? Look around you, how many friends and family do you know who are always on a diet and or medication for a variety of ailments and discomforts?  I will teach/give you the skill  set necessary to heal your physical body I.e right diet specifically for yourself at a given time, which i might add, changes, our diet should be transient, just like the cells in our body continue to renew themselves.

My Job is to help you reduce any form of physical discomfort In your body and minimise the use of medication with the consumption of right proportions of vitamins and minerals. 

Some individuals put themselves under too much pressure trying to loose weight. I help you work with the mind and your psychological state to maintain a healthy body, Hence I show you how the Spiritual part of you can train the Physical part of you to live a contented and joyous life.  How do I work with the spiritual you?

I teach you to meditate. I introduce you to the spiritual bodies that are part who you are.  My job is to teach you how to make yourself feel good wholly. In feeling good physically and spiritually, you take charge of your life. I offer you spiritual guidance. I can initiate you in the Usui system of Reiki. I can train you in using Crystals to heal yourself. similarly with Sacred Geometry. Thought Sacred Geometry you will be initiated into a very High Energy System which will transform your outlook on your life and those around you.  The planet will heal through you and you through it.  This allows you to transcend all of your senses as you know them now and you will be ready to help other heal themselves.  

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