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Join the Successful Women in Business Network(SWIB) and bring personal development, growth and networking for you and your business together in one place.

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As a Platinum member, in your first year you receive FREE access to the amazing Velocity women's development programme.


Developing career confidence, skills & strength for women at work...

The Velocity programme theme will motivate you to look at your career trajectory and journey to success velocity.

Velocity will help you answer fundamental questions like 

  • Where do you need to focus your energies to achieve ‘success velocity’ in your business / career?
  • What are the ‘pulls’ on you? What limits you in achieving the level of success you want to achieve?
  • What will fuel you for the journey? What motivates you? What energises you?
  • How will you maintain the appropriate velocity – too fast and you burn out; too slow and you fall back!
  • What are the rewards you will enjoy when you succeed?